RIZ – Price You Pay – Short Film


Diamond District Entertainment


“Price You Pay” A tale of Loyalty, Greed and Betrayal

Starring in and Performed by RIZ

RIZ Crew
Robert Joyner as RIZ the Coach
William Joyner as Johnny P
Bishop as Gun
A.D. Killa as Peanut
Theodore Moye as Gemini
Brian Chase as Bull

Brian Strech as Chief Buford
Kabisa Hunt as Federal Detective Cummings
ALO as Police Department Detective

Youri Doudy as Boss
Marianna Kravtsova as Mikyla the Enforcer

Diamond Dealer
Dustin Napier as the Diamond Dealer

and introducing

Asia McGee as The Girl

Lead Producer Auntee L Johnson
Co Producer Marsha James
Line Producer Shanika Brown
Cam/Grip Dan Koterba
Cam 2 Karlyle Harris
A.D. Tesha Marrow
2nd A.D. Juan Williams
P.A. Paige Brown
P.A. Mone Brown
P.A. Russell Rainey
Key Makeup Tiffany Pate
Hair Monique Evans
Craft Chandra Williams
Editor Leah Rosen
Editor/Director McKinley Jones
Colorist Leah Rosen

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