Dj Low Cut feat. Dontique – How We Roll – Video

Download Track:

Track produced by Dj Low Cut
Performed by Dontique

Directed & Edited by Pedro Tadeo

Extract from “NY Minute”, first album of Dj Low Cut coming out March 19th, also featuring: Guilty Simpson, Blaq Poet, Reef The Lost Cause, Nutso, Journalist 103, Jojo Pellegrino, BAM, King Magnetic, GQ aka Nothin Pretty, Fran-P, Shaz Illyork, Praverb, Randam Luck, Dirt Platoon, The Opposition, Smiley The Ghetto Child, Banish,Dontique, Dj Nixon and Dj Djaz.

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– twitter: @LowCut

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– twitter: @DONTIQUE3

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Special thanks to Fresh News de Tonton Steph (, and Le Banlieuzart (

Label: Rugged records.
Distributor Modulor :

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