Mr. Green – Live From The Streets (Apple Store Edition) – News

For those of you who are just learning about the underground hip-hop movement headed by Mr. Green, now is the perfect time to tune in! Live from the Streets began with music producer Aaron Green (A.K.A. Mr. Green) and video director Sam Lipman-Stern in 2011. Together they hit the streets of our cities and with a hand-held recorder, Mr. Green’s ability to highlight the pure, raw emotion found in everyday noises and events as well as the beauty of the poetic inspiration found from street musicians, and Sam’s eye and innate artistic ability to capture the delicacies of the human spirit on video; Live from the Streets is born. However, the ride doesn’t stop here for these two budding entrepreneurs with genuine philanthropic dreams and their honest hardworking hustle to keep hip hop alive.
The Apple Store on West 14th Street is a beautiful 3 story NY building with its 3rd floor hosting exclusive events and pro labs specifically to target creative professionals and boost inspiration and the generation of ideas. And honestly, who better than Live from the Streets Mr. Green & Sam Lipman-Stern to showcase creative intelligence at its height of inspiration? Live from the Streets recent show at the Apple Store: “Remixing the Streets” was a huge success thanks to Sam & Aaron’s hard work, creative genius, and ability to win over a crowd.
The show began at 8 pm on a beautiful New York night in March. First Mr. Green & Sam showcased a few of their most famous Live from the Streets episodes: “Man with a Broken Heart” Featuring Brenda, “Shanghai”, “Center City Singers”, and “If I Don’t Go to Hell” (Featuring Janice & Jus Allah). Each episode was explained and performed live to highlight the process Mr. Green uses to create his beats from street musicians and street sounds. The video clips were briefly shown leaving the audience in anticipation of the entire episode and allowing them to watch at their own leisure. The next segment of the show was an interactive performance led by Sam & Mr. Green with members of the audience ranging from 20 years old to 64 years young! Sam used Mr. Green’s iPhone to record clips ranging from Russian freestyle rap to a lovely rendition of “England Swings like a Pendulum Do”. After emailing Mr. Green the sound clips, Mr. Green made beats on the spot in a similar fashion to how he does it in the series. The audience was fully engaged the entire time, with Sam & Aaron inspiring laughter, curiosity and a genuine good time for all. Next, Live from the Streets premiered their newest episode, “So Awesome” featuring Paul the Birdman, Tibetan Monks, and Sam. This episode was entirely produced with Apple equipment and programs to accent to genius of Apple products and show that Live from the Streets can be made with the equipment that so many people already have. Although, as we can see, there is no substitute for creative genius and even though Mr. Green and Sam use top of the line equipment for their work, it is surely the artistic passion behind the scenes that ignite their fire and make this project so inspiring. Perhaps the most interesting part of the show was the question and answer segment in which the audience got to pick the brains of Sam & Aaron. What did they have to say? Well, a long-awaited new Pace Won & Mr. Green album is due out in the summer of 2012, Live from the Streets is anticipating more live performances, and Mr. Green and Sam explained how and why they want to give a portion of their sales to the street musicians who they feature in their series. They also expressed plans to publish a DVD containing all of the Live from the Streets episodes and future plans to further the Live from the Streets idea by making a full-length documentary.
The audience was left with excitement and energy to keep inspiring ideas and supporting the idea behind Live from the Streets. Live from the Streets is not just a dope web series (although it is quickly gaining notoriety in the underground arts culture for its originality and poetic beauty), and it’s certainly not simply an album (although the album will be amazing), and it’s not just sick beats (although you can find the beats on iTunes), it is a movement, a shift in collective consciousness, an eye-opening realization that beauty is everywhere and hip hop is alive. Keep an eye out, follow Aaron Green and Sam Lipman-Stern on Facebook, visit & follow Mr. Green on Twitter @greenhiphop

written by Amanda Posmontier

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