Jus Daze – The King of Queens – Mixtape

01 Intro.mp3
02 Badaba Freestyle (Produced by Jui.mp3
03 Otis Freestyle.mp3
04 Bonfire Freestyle (Jess Jamez & D.mp3
05 Super High Freestyle.mp3
06 DotGotIt.com Freestyle.mp3
07 Sugar Mountain (Produced by DJ Br.mp3
08 The 29th Hour (Produced by godAWF.mp3
09 Queens To The Fullest (Prod by FL.mp3
10 Eturnally Dazed (Produced by Etur.mp3
10 Ignorant Shit Snippet (Album Snip.mp3
12 Don’t Let Me Go (Produced by FTL.mp3
13 I Don’t Know (Produced by Eturnal.mp3
14 Daddy (Prod. by FTL Productions).mp3
15 Daze-N-‘Em (Snippets).mp3

DOWNLOAD – The King Of Queens

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