14KT – Blessed – Video

Directed By Andy Madeleine; from the album “A Friendly Game of KT”

Disc: http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/14kt-a-friendly-game-of-kt/MMG024CD/

Vinyl: http://www.fatbeats.com/products/14kt-a-friendly-game-of-kt-lp-splatter-limit…

Digital: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-friendly-game-of-kt/id482837240

14KT is blessed and he knows it. In the video for his track “Blessed”, the Ypsilanti producer takes the viewer on a tour of his life, highlighting key aspects that make it worth living.

KT takes us into his home life to see his family, he shows us his studio and we tag along as he goes digging at Encore Recordings in neighboring Ann Arbor. The magic is in the details: being in the kitchen with moms, the genuine daps exchanged with the crew in the studio and geeking out with Buff1 over a Mongo Santamaria vinyl at the record shop.

KT says, “Blessed was basically all shot on a random Sunday. Andy (film director) and I just grabbed the camera and press record. Most of the video wasn’t planned. I wanted to give everyone a mini-photo album of candid “normal” moments that I get to experience daily. As “normal” as these things may look, many people don’t get the opportunity to experience what many may consider a “normal” life. Hence the title, Blessed. ”

There’s a part towards the end of the video where KT is outside while it snows, alone and visibly elated. There is often an underlying theme of faith in KT’s work and “Blessed” is no different. It’s not explicit, but one can infer KT’s gratitude for a life filled with family, friends and music, truly a blessing.

“Blessed” is a highlight from 2012’s A Friendly Game of KT released on Mello Music Group & A-Side Worldwide.”

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