Nems Presents “Broke Safety” – Mixtape

Nems presents “Broke Safety” the new super group of Coney Island natives: Nems, OTR, Manson, and Mr. Weirdo. This mixtape features 16 tracks from the group.

Strait out of killa Coney Island , Nems and his Fuck Your Lyfers have been running a murdafest in the underground for a decade…..Resume: You mite have seen Nems on MTV’s FIGHT KLUB…..His record at fight klub is 25-4…..he is the only fight klub contestant to reach the 20 mark……This niggas a BEAST!!!…he is also a EOW emcee challenge champ and a Braggin rights battle champ….the list goes on and on … signed to Necro’s psycho+logical records camp, Gorilla Nems toured heavy and kept his prescence in the underground while recording his debut album PREZIDENT’S DAY, in 2010 he moved to the Creative Juices label and released the album in october of 2010, regarded as a hip hop classic, Nems followed up with his FILTHY FLY SHIT mixtape which dropped in may of 2011 ….

Nems has made the transistion from battle rapper to legitimate artist look easy. He is set to release his feature mixtape CONEY SOPRANO in the winter of 2011 then drop an EP with FYL producer Nemisis called “The First Will & Testament Of A Real Nigga” and his sophmore LP “THA SECOND COMING OF NYCE” in 2012 …. as Nems would say “Fuck Your Lyfe Til Tha Casket Drops”


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