JR&PH7 – So Far, So Good (Mixed by DJ Huckspin Hosted by Chuuwee) – Mixtape

01 Here And Now (ft. Caucasian).mp3
02 Do It For You (ft. Torae) (Flip Remix).mp3
03 Top Rank (ft. Random Axe) (PH7 Remix + Original).mp3
04 Until It’s All Said And Done (ft. Sean Price and Skyz).mp3
05 Steel Remains (ft. Waxolutionists and Blu).mp3
06 Take It To The Streets (ft. Rakaa and Planet Asia).mp3
07 Good Reason (ft. Trek Life).mp3
08 Hip Hop Lives (ft. Edo G).mp3
09 The World is Listening (ft. Akua Naru).mp3
10 The Cities (ft. Aphroe, Elzhi and Frank-N-Dank).mp3
11 Across The Globe (ft. Caucasian).mp3
12 My Favourite Demons (ft. Brokn Englsh and St. Joe Louis).mp3
13 Bow Down (ft. L.E.G.A.C.Y., Evidence and J-Spliff) (Twilight Remix + Original).mp3
14 Dreams (ft. Edgar Allen Floe and Kaze) (Waxolutionists Remix).mp3
15 The Backflip (ft. Akua Naru) (PH7’s Midnight Remix).mp3
16 All In A Days Work (ft. Oddisee).mp3
17 Microphone Fiends (ft. Edo G and Termanology) (Brenk Remix).mp3
18 Bloody Sunday (ft. Brokn Englsh and St. Joe Louis).mp3
19 How We Do It (ft. KVBeats and Slum Village).mp3
20 My Part Of Town (ft. Termanology and Komplex).mp3
21 Reach (ft Ohmega Watts, The Saint and Muneshine).mp3
22 Fast Lane Speedin’ (ft. Oddisee).mp3
23 New High (ft. St. Joe Louis and Chords Cordero).mp3


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