Lord Finesse – “Praise The Lord” (Underboss Remix) Founding Format Series – Mp3


SSR-020 – Lord Finesse – Praise The Lord (Underboss Remix)

A1 – Remix (Vocal)
B1 – Remix (Instrumental)
B2 – Acapella

This remix is a part of the soon to be released Lord Finesse ‘Founding Format’ series of limited edition 12 inch vinyl. All pressed to 180 gram audiophile wax, there’s x5 records in total and box set versions of the series will be available.

This series drops in August, and pre-orders will take place in July.

SOS STORE: sliceofspice.bigcartel.com/category/lord-finesse
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/pages/Slice-Of-S…/221905364492336
TWITTER: twitter.com/Slice_of_Spice
INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/sliceofspice
WEBSITE: www.slice-of-spice.com/
SUBSCRIBE: eepurl.com/dDNmk

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