Army of the Pharaohs x Live From The Streets – “God Particle” (Mr. Green Remix) – Video

We teamed up with the talented duo Mr. Green and Sam-Lipman Stern to give the new Army of the Pharaohs track “God Particle” their “Live from the Streets” remix treatment.

Check out the full track at…

Army of the Pharaohs “In Death Reborn” available April 22nd on Enemy Soil. Pre-order now on:


or through the JMT online store:…

Director: Sam Lipman-Stern
Creators: Mr. Green & Sam Lipman-Stern
Supervising Producer: Yan
Camera Operators: Sam Lipman-Stern, Nicolas Heller, Mr. Green & Frank Sinatra
Composer: Mr. Green
Editor: Sam Lipman-Stern

Featured Musicians:
Colin Huggins:

Tru Lyrical:

Special thanks to Colin, Tru Lyrical and everyone we met out on the streets while filming this.­al

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