Rhymageddon + Venomous2000 – “#RockAfterThem” – Video

Rhymageddon + Venomous2000 #RockAfterThem
produced by Devi8tor IrsAlx. cuts by Chopzilla Jo
Shot by House Of Harmorny TV
Edited by AntiIndustry https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/roc…

Featuring artwork from Featuring:
Martha Matarrita, Uta Brauser, Rob Jelinski, Amy Michelle, Amy Garas, Roxana Zavala Marroquin, Tina Indigo Hill, Jenelle Medina, Victor Castillo

Download Link: http://rhymageddon.bandcamp.com/track…


One thought on “Rhymageddon + Venomous2000 – “#RockAfterThem” – Video

  1. Rhymageddon says:

    Salutations for the post

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