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Maffew Ragazino – “Brownsvilles Jesus” – Mixtape

00 - Maffew_Ragazino_Brownsvilles_Jesus-front-large
01 – Brownsvilles Jesus First Baptist (Intro) [prod Vanderslice].mp3
02 – Beef Lomein (NRNWII) feat Spazz One [prod Jimmy Dukes].mp3
03 – La Cosa Nostra [prod Jimmy Dukes].mp3
04 – Money Right feat Spazz One x Easalio (Worldwide Paper Gang) [prod Alex Lustig].mp3
05 – Hectic feat Spazz One [prod Paul Cabbin].mp3
06 – Eddies Couch [prod Alex Lustig].mp3
07 – Avatar feat Action Bronson x Torae [prod Pete Cannon].mp3
08 – Hiluminati [prod DJ Dister].mp3
09 – Dipset Forever [prod Foreign Allegiance].mp3
10 – Amen feat Spazz One [prod Vinyl Frontiers].mp3
11 – Favourite Js [prod Alex Lustig].mp3
12 – River Phoenix feat Easalio x Spazz One [prod BudaDaFuture & Grandzmuzik].mp3
13 – Friday [prod llmind].mp3
14 – Jane Fonda feat PUSH [prod ATG].mp3
15 – Got2 Love It [prod Bink].mp3
16 – Necessities feat Acenero x Easalio [prod NameBrand].mp3
17 – BK Accent feat Skyzoo [prod Fred Bear].mp3
18 – Jackson Pollock feat Himanshu x Kool AD (Formerly Das Racist) [prod Harry Fraud].mp3
19 – Box Office Smash feat Troy Ave [prod Jokey].mp3
20 – Never Ran Never Will feat Spazz One [prod Optiks].mp3
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Brian James – Get Up (Produced By Chris Reed) – Mp3

Compton, Ca native and Soul Vintage artist Brian James releases his first single “Get up” from his new album “Freedom Summer” which is scheduled to drop August 14, 2012. Inspired by the 1964 “Freedom Summer” campaign to attempt to increase voter registration within the African American community in a time when African Americans were excluded. “Get up” is a track that aims to inspire the urban community to take action by understanding that we are the drivers of our own destiny. Producer Chris Reed of Soul Vintage creates the epic instrumentation that mirrors the in dept lyrics of Brian James to create a powerful and uplifting record. Download “Get Up ” By Clicking Here

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