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Nas – “Represent” – Video

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of his seminal debut album Illmatic, Nas held a contest inviting fans to collaborate and produce the official music video for “Represent,” an influential track off of the classic release. This is the first video ever made for the track and was shot at the YouTube Space Los Angeles. Continue reading

Rhymageddon + Venomous2000 – “#RockAfterThem” – Video

Rhymageddon + Venomous2000 #RockAfterThem
produced by Devi8tor IrsAlx. cuts by Chopzilla Jo
Shot by House Of Harmorny TV
Edited by AntiIndustry¬†…

Featuring artwork from Featuring:
Martha Matarrita, Uta Brauser, Rob Jelinski, Amy Michelle, Amy Garas, Roxana Zavala Marroquin, Tina Indigo Hill, Jenelle Medina, Victor Castillo

Download Link:¬†…


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